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Avoid Knee and Hip Replacement and  Reduce Pain

We work with the top Orthopedic doctors that have served the Australian Olympic Team and Thailand General Police Hospital, that use stem cells to ensure the best healing result.

A world leader in stem cells therapy with proven published peer review results.

The first part of our body to suffer the wear and tear of time, on any well-oiled machine, are the joints. Creaking, sore, swollen, unusual feelings and odd sounding joints are in need of a tune-up.

Stem cells give the average person super star athletic healing results that help professional players and people avoid surgery and stay in the game, of life.

Our doctors have worked in association with Olympic and Australian sports professional teams that have applied cell therapies to reverse sports injuries

Knee Stem Cell Therapy: Knee replacements are becoming less common. Many knees are saved using stem cells to help regrow and strengthen ligaments and cartilage.

Stem cell knee injections with platelet rich plasma accelerates knee recovery making surgery less likely.

Back Stem Cell Therapy:

The most common complaint is lower back pain and it may be resolved without surgery.

Para-spinal injections can reduce the swelling where nerves exit the bone to relieve pain.

This procedure may be performed in less than one hour.

All patients treated have a 70% improvement in disc with resolution of pain and sciatica.

Hip & Shoulder Stem Cell Therapy:

Osteoarthritis and dysplasia of the hip and shoulder are common when joints have taken a high degree of stress. Using radiologic and by manual guidance our team has injected over 14,000 stem cell cases, many with severe degeneration.

We have seen hip operations avoided and shoulders repaired that have recovered athletes, even when they are senior players, giving veterans that extra hope to play on.... Advanced surgical technique.

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