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“The Third Opinion”

A round table open discussion of breakthrough treatments in the fields from Western to Eastern medicine….from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to treat depression to Intravenous Lazer therapies to shrink cancer that is inoperable or the use of IV ozone therapy as a replacement of antibacterial and viral treatments.  With a Western MD, a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, a Naturopath Doctor, a Monk/Shaman that works in the field of energetic healing of the mind and knows the medicines of a psychoactive nature that can reverse habitual issues of dis-ease.

Yet, most of the time we need a thousand words to make keep up with the breakthrough’s in leading edge medicine that are FDA approved to those that are experimental and producing results with clinical trials that may be open for treatments in cases of difficult genetic and terminal issue, like ALS, Parkinson’s or inoperable cancers.