The use of any form of healing on planet Earth to end the suffering of the individual, beyond borders to achieve a desired result.
The use of healing remedies and cell therapies to re-new organs and turn back biological age, making one younger.

We have a common sensed scientific site for those that are more  curious at

Stem cells have been used to heal and reverse bone cancer, or leukemia since 1981, over 1 million cases.
It is illegal to use aborted fetal tissue and only collected for research when it has been discarded, but may not be used in clinical application.
Advanced break throughs and life saving healing results are not miracles. They are realities when you know where to get access. People in the know find The Good Life Center, for this very reason.
It depends on the source. On the internet, a simple search will lead to limitless results. The media has an agenda that is many times dictated by investors that are not in support of alternatives that lead to less use of medications.

Every other advertisement on the mainstream is a pharmaceutical,
that has endless side-effects.

Epi-genes are the codes that master the gene code. They sit above and can be enhanced to make the risk factors reduced for degenerative disease and accelerated aging.
We will all age, but reducing the wear and tear of time from the inside allows us to live gracefully free of un-needed suffering. We want to feel young on the inside while weathering well on the outside.

Anti-aging is a way to stay young and live longer…YOUNGEVITY!