G Club – Good Life Club Membership

A Membership that provides healing packages that may be used on a personal basis or that may be designed for family and friends that would like to get a tune-up and get back to feeling good. You can give the gift of health to the people you love.

You will have an elite personal account in which you pay forward and pursue your own custom healing at your pace that is affordable, with specials and offers that range from Aesthetic stem cell facials, IV vitamin/mineral nutrients drips along with oxygen therapies and telomere testing to determine your genetic age. Members get regular email alerts for discounted rates with privileged access to emerging anti-aging treatments that we know work.

None of the therapies will be out of reach and packages will be custom designed to fit the client lifestyle and wallet size. The therapies will be leading edge evidence based break through technologies that will make the way we receive treatment more like an adventure, than an expensive march of sorrow.

The idea is simple; DISease is what happens when we do not get enough “ease,” to rebalance DIS-turbed systems. The best way to find health is to live life and get access to leading edge concepts and treatments that are creating a bubble of assured healing, in that you feel vital, and know you are optimized.

The G-Club is about the attaining personal power through taking responsibility for making positive life choices and even though life is not perfect. The club is about gaining essential life skills to prioritize the characteristics of a healthy lifestyle to connect to a community that is primarily focused on living well and ignore the non-sense stream that has the world caught in a soap opera that accelerates stress and aging.

A Special emphasis is on not settle for victim hood, when it is possible to have a healthy relationship with pleasure.

The G-Club Creed has been adopted from the life lesson of the ‘Peace Pilgrims’ of our age, Scott and Helen Nearing. The living examples of the power of simple living and self-mastery that allowed them to be rugged individuals, with a strong sense of community.

When we invest ourselves in The Good Life, we are assured happy returns!