Advanced Integrative Therapies

Our focus is on breakthrough medicines and treatments. We search daily  for new approaches, treatments, techniques, therapies and facilities that provide alternatives for those caught in the main stream quagmire that seems driven by limited hope offered by side effect ridden drugs, surgery and radiation. Legacy medical institutions are mired by regulations and beauracrats that aim to limit access to treatments that may challenge the status quo. The future is here, but it is not evenly distributed to those in need. 

Our Powerful Network Can Treat Serious Disease Conditions

Working with our network of scientists, doctors and hospitals we can facilitate your treatment for some of  the most serious disease conditions. If we cannot provide the treatment that you need at the Good Life Center,  we will guide you to receiving the treatments that you need and provide you with the supportive care to make sure your treatment is a success.  Within our network we have access to advanced medical treatments in the areas of Fertility, Renal Failure, Heart Disease, Neurological Disorders, Liver Disease, Autism and Cancer. At Good Life Center – the patient comes first!

Interventional radiology allows us to implant stem cells directly into the ovaries and uterus to strengthen ovum, cause new egg production and repair scar tissue.

Uterine wall can be thickened and cervical cap stabilized reducing the likely hood of miscarriage. This therapy performed in conjunction with IVF insures the investment in having a much deserved family is achieved.

We are presently in the clinical trial phase of apply stem cells direct to kidney through renal artery to insure that we are getting realized results that help increase kidney function to relieve the associated stressors of kidney failure and reduce the need for frequent dialysis. We have enough researched evidence that stem cells can have tremendous promise for those waiting for a transplant that need supportive care.

Ten years ago a documentary was made in Thailand called: SuperCell. It reviewed the emerging use of stem cells for heart disease in Asia. Mesenchyme Stem cells derived from abdominal fat helped improve congestive heart failure. This lead to intense focus on correct damaged heart tissue after infarct, by increasing local vascularity and increase peripheral blood vessel production to open up circulation in the limbs and organs that have become blocked over time.

We are treating heart disease ranging from MI and arrhythmia to CHF and PAD in a Joint Commission International Hospital setting in a Critical care cardiac unit.

The liver has an incredible ability to regenerate up to 80% of damage or scarred tissue, that is dramatically decreased when fatty deposition of the liver is prominent. A local stem cell application by direct injection can help stabilize alkaline phosphatase levels and reduce inflammatory factors that work against the healing process.

This treatment may be given after chemotherapy that may have caused liver damage, specifically after the treatment of Hepatits.

We treat hepatitis C with the intention of clearing the viral inclusion with repeated with the intent to eradicate the infection. This high level drug therapy is know to practitioner to have a cost the weights in at close to 100,000 US dollars. We have the same FDA approved medication that is manufactured privately that will produce the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

We follow this therapy with the previous mentioned stem cell application to rejuvenate the liver after heavy chemotherapeutic applications.

The peer review research is clear that stem cells help children with neurodevelopment disorder. Our approach aims to correct digestive, immune and brain related issues. In addition to stem cell application from approved sources that come from a JCI University based setting we have documented many cases of improvement in eye contact, socializing issues and consistent improvement in communication. This will be applied in a setting this 100% dedicated to the treatment and support of families that have weathered the storm of having to be more than a amazingly attentive parent.

Plastic surgery has gone ORGANIC. From “Vampire” facials that use growth factors from blood serum to fat implants with stem cells from the patients own body to enhance and fill and lift tissue with your own cells. Stem cells harvested during a liposuction procedure procedure to slim the waste may be used to facial rejuvenation and combined with large amounts of (up to 400cc) fat harvested from the buttock area, to tighten and tone is pumped into the breast to augment up to two cup sizes. This procedure and been performed on CNN and is not an uncommon procedure in Asia.

Cancer therapies have made advancements in the area of control the growth and biological effects secondary to cancer formation. An integrative approach is focus on healing the dysfunction in the way the cells create energy. This biologic approach focuses on function and physiology more than trying to concur the condition in a fight that often leaves the patient with terminal damage that is difficult to recover, even in remission.

Our affiliate facility works in conjunction with a mulit-million dollar facility with the training, techniques and therapies to achieve 70% remission in the most severe cases. This an approach that Integrates the best of all possible options on earth, from the West to the EAST.