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Dr. Indira Louis

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Dr. Indra Louis has been in General Practice care serving without borders to communities in need from East India to the United States. She has worked in refugee camps in Yemen, as a physician to orphaned children in India and of kind service to women abused by the sex industry. Dr. Louis works to bring patients in desperate need of leading edge treatments to medical destinations that make break through therapies unavailable to those that are facing a life time of suffering.

She has been a lead physician training and coordinating medical teams for Hospital that are International Joint Commission Institutes known world-wide to assure patients will receive the best care, especially the disadvantaged. Some doctors are known for their ability to solve complicated critical issues, others for their technical skills in surgery, Dr. Louis’ specialty is “CARING” for those that deserve a chance.

She is a doctor’s doctor, with a clever common sense, the missing element, not in the medical curriculum. Her lessons in ending suffering have been hard earned through blood, sweat and tears…a rare bird.