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Dr. Tonomkit

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He is a classical plastic surgeon, head of Department at Surgery at the Luxury Samativej Hospital, that means to turn the field ORGANIC.  He uses stem cells that come from the patient to  organically create a cosmetic outcome that stands the test of time and looks that way it should subtle, and natural.  With a profound impact that makes the person attractive, beyond beauty.

He specializes in:

Stem Cell Face Lift

A method that does not require extreme alteration or surgery, there is no cutting tissue, using stem cell injections muscle, skin and dermal layers are enhanced and toned.  The effects is cosmetic with an anti-aging glowing effects as the tissue is renewed, instead of resected, to reduce scar tissue and the need for fillers or botox to be un-needed.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

In less than three hours of surgery, Dr. Tonomkit can reduce buttock fat and transfer it to the breast, augmenting cup sizes naturally without and implant.  A real Organic breast augmentation, the slims the flabby waist and buttocks and fills the breasts.  This procedure has been performed through Asia for many years and was featured on CNN news in 2010.  Before and After pictures area furnished upon consultation.

Stem Cell Vaginal Rejuventaion

Dr. Tonomkit has talents it would take chapters to explain and is always looking for ways to cause cosmetic effects in every area of life that will enhance happiness.  Using laser and stem cells it is possible to bring “youthful” effect to the vaginal wall, clitoris and to urinary area to relieve incontinence or leaking.  The over all effect is to turn back the time for a woman that is post-menopausal and would like to have a genital rejuvenation effect, without dramatic alteration.  Another non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation that is completed in a two-hour session.

One simple application of stem cells the “G” spot, we call the “Orgasm Shot” will increase sensual response during intercourse by three times in intensity.

Hair Rejuvenation and Recovery

For both mean and woman Dr. Tonomkit can fill in thinning hair and enhance implantation using laser technology, stem cell therapy and growth factors to cause new hair cells to form and older cells to thicken and develop more permanent roots for longer lasting effects.


Dr. Tonomkit is available for consultation in all areas of plastic surgery.