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Dr. Richard A. DeAndrea, MD, ND

jade.admin Medical Information Director

“A jack of all trades and a master of none.”

He has extensive training in many forms of medicine and feels that getting too specific in focus causes a doctor to lose sight of the big picture.  He feels cures are only possible with common sense healing measures.  He challenges any doctor in the world to name a condition cured that did not require healing, time and patience.  No one answers, because curing is for pickles, and healing is for people that know it takes a persistent, patient teams spirit with a purpose.  One centered and fueled by loving kindness.

Dr. DeAndrea does not believe in miracles or short-cuts he believes all problems may be solved by facing them honestly and directly with an open mind on any possibility, to get a better outcome.  He will use the world-data base to find and answer to problem that may be beyond his reach.  He feels his greatest strength has come from surrounding himself with smarter people and knowing his limitations in scope and ability.

It is often stated that having a conversation with Dr. DeAndrea or “Dr. D,”  is like speaking with an encyclopedia infotainment center that makes you feel your are on a trip with the Wizard of Oz, on a healing journey.  Dr. DeAndrea is trained in General Surgery, Critical Care, Integrative Oncology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurved, Oxygen Therapies, Stem Cell Therapy, Peptide Drug Replacement, IV Nutritient therapies, Phyto-nutrient supplementation, Photo-dynamic therapy and self-love.

His intention is to be a catalyst that turns on the patients power to self-heal and will prove to his patients in the most literal scientific terms, that the solution to one’s problem must come from with, where it resides.  A human is 200-300 trillion regenerating cells that may be used to repair almost any condition in the human body and they are found in every organ and fluid.  This is alone is proof that we may conduct an orchestral healing at the cellular level that will result in symphonic result.

There is an art to medicine and when you meet Dr. D you realize that your body, mind and soul are an instrument that he aims to integrate and tune into one smoothly operating masterpiece.  His aim is to get the patient out of the way to encourage innate primal intelligent healing that most take for granted.