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Dr. Rex Wilson

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Dr. Wilson decided to enter the profession of Naturopathic Medicine (the natural/holistic medicine equivalent of a Medical Doctor) in 1972, long before it became the popular healing approach that it is today. He received his Doctorate in 1979 and has been in practice for 40 years now, making him a true pioneer in natural healing. Naturopathic Medicine today is also known as Functional Medicine.

“Dr. Rex” maintained a very successful practice in Los Angeles before moving to Thailand 2 years ago and helped everyone from children and housewives to well-known Hollywood celebrities.

His focus has always been on integrating the findings from blood testing and other traditional diagnostics, along with analysis of the human energy field. This is done with state of the art Bio-resonance devices from around the world. In addition, he utilizes a new system for analyzing and balancing the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid and adrenal function, which can improve energy and metabolism.

Another passion of his, is the field of “Life Extension” medicine, with a goal of keeping us look and feel as young as possible for as long as possible. Dr. Wilson is a good example of this approach, since at the age of 66, he looks and feels like a man in his 40s!

Treatments may include diet and lifestyle advice, customized nutritional support, herbal formulae, homeopathy, IV therapies and bio-identical natural hormones. With all these modalities and therapies, “Dr. Rex” is able to identify the key issues that are affecting your health and recommend the best approaches to bring you back to your very best.