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Dr. Marco Ruggierro & Stefania Pancini

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Dr. Marco Ruggiero and Stefania Pancini, are real super hero’s, the dynamic duo of medicine have pioneered and advanced medicine in Italy, Switzerland and the United States.  They have been nominated for Nobel level prizes in medicine, have spent together a total of 25 years pioneering breakthrough cancer therapies at the US National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health.

They have produced therapies that have caused sweeping profound recovery of children with severe Autism and have produced results that have advanced the treatment of cancer by 50 years, in their lifetime, by proving the key to cancer is a failure in immune function that is similar to HIV/AIDS.   They standardized the first glycoprotein molecule in history that upon being injected in to the patient, turns on the immune system to consume and eliminate cancer, in many cases shrinking it by over 50 % without surgery or radiation.

As a Ruggiero-Pancini team at the University of Firenze has proven it is possible to erradicate HIV, when the primary focus is to increase immune potential, instead of antiviral chemical therapy.  They have both been published in every major peer review journal hundreds of times and that is only the surface.  They have caused a stir in the hallowed halls of medicine that have moved practitioners world-wide to rethink the approach in treating terminal disease.

They are in research and development to advance medicine and end suffering, literally!

Dr. Ruggero and Dr. Pancini are tenured professors that are welling to challenge the foundations of medicine, right up to the front door of the Nobel Foundation.

Their results of their work have saved the lives of millions and this is an under statement.