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Dr. Dante Lee

jade.admin Medical Advisory Board

China is another world. A place mired in ancient Asian history, political dystopia and cultural mirages. We are clueless about China and believe reports that they are not leaders in the medical research and innovation. An invitation into the Forbidden City of China, where the medical institutes are concentrated, will prove the previous notions, 100% incorrect. As a seated member of the Chinese Medical Anti-aging innovations and implementation board, our Medical information Director, has witnessed
the facts first hand.

Dr. Dante Lee is one of only three Vice Chairmen on a medical board that is responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of 1.3 Billion people. Dr. Lee is a one-man army of healing that aims to collect as much knowledge and skill that he can in the area of area of “Regenerative Medicines Solutions.” He travels the world seeking Nobel prized level teachers, in ground breaking technologies, to compile a data base of intellectual properties that he has introduced to the heart of Chinese medicine. His goals is to cause a paradigm shift in the medical sciences marrying leading edge technologies with the ancient traditional wisdoms of China.

He is one of the handful of doctors in the country that has been charged with the mission to gather enough information from the 4 points of the globe to make China #1.

To his Western patients, Dr. Lee is called: “The Bruce Lee” of Chinese Medicine.