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Dr. Christian Burghart

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Christian Burghardt is a Integrative Metabolic medicine man.   Imagine living your life on the edge, between worlds.  With training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orthopeadic Surgery, Spinal Rehab, Laser Acupuncture, Japanese Kampo and Photodynamic IV laser therapy, with a focus on shifting cell metabolsim to the next gear.

He is a living example of medical diversity.

He is a member of DÄGFA (German Association for Acupuncture), as well as the IGOST (International Society of Orthopedic Pain Therapy).  He aims to end suffering using remedies from the East to the West, in combination that will move human physiology into a higher potential for healing.

A man with surgical roots that decides to get into the root of natural healing is a man that lives to teach through practical solutions.  He has designed training programs with Dr. Hearl that have helped advance the treatment of cancer, using remedies that are customized on a patient-by-patient basis to gain control of blood sugar. By this method he has proven cancer can be starved to remission, wihout heavy chemical therapies.