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Dr. Vasilis Paspaliaris

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Dr. Paspaliaris has worked at and consulted for a number of pharmaceutical & biotech companies globally. Due to his innovations, he has been the founder and director of seven biotech companies since the year 2000. In early 2006, he founded Adistem, Ltd in Hong Kong. After completing his doctorate in pharmacology/endocrinology in the year 1993 at St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research at the University of Melbourne, he completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Pfizer Central Research in Connecticut. It was at this time, he was given two scholarships from the Australian Federal Government and the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia. During which, he was awarded two Young Investigators awards from the Australian & New Zealand Bone & Mineral Society and the International Society for Bone & Mineral Research.

After completing his clinical training in Greece, he worked in combat trauma medicine in Africa where he stayed and performed humanitarian aid in Angola. In the year 2008, Dr. Paspaliaris received an Appreciation Award from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists for his groundbreaking work on adipose-derived stem cells in Type II diabetes and two certificates of appreciation from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine on his stem cell research and an investigators award from the Hellenic Thoracic Society.

Dr. Paspaliaris has published over 20 papers, holds over 5 exclusive patents and given lectures in a variety of medical fields, mostly in stem cell medicine. He is currently a Faculty member for the Master degree program in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Democritus University Medical School and the University of Crete in Greece. He is a member of the World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-aging Medicine, the Australian Military Medicine Association and Latin American Stem Cell Society, a Fellow of the Philippine Society of Stem Cell Medicine, a Diplomat of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK).