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Dr. Vasilis Paspaliaris

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Most pioneers in medicine that have innovated healing approaches that are well-deserved of a Nobel Prize, rarely receive recognition, because it is a political. “Dr. Paspaliaris,” should have received it many times, yet for him it is of little concern. Dr. Paspaliaris is in a class of his own. He is not interested in the political game, he is about achieving results, for people.

He was the first on Earth to take stem cells from fat into clinical practice and then standardize it for other doctor’s, Adistem, LTD. He has dedicated his career to research in partnership with esteemed academic institutions, multinational companies and governmental bodies around the world; a thought-leading and highly experienced clinical pharmacologist and medical scientist having received medical and scientific training in drug discovery, clinical pharmacology, military trauma medicine, clinical trial investigation, natural medicine, Chinese medicine and regenerative medicine.

He championed the discovery of seven patented peptide drug replacements and multiple stem cell treatment methodologies.
After beginning his clinical training in Athens, Greece and completing it in Calcutta, India he performed military medicine for the French Foreign Legion in Africa. Dr. Paspaliaris has published more than 20 papers and lectures in a variety of medical fields, on leading edge technologies, in over 10 conferences a year.
Dr. Paspaliaris was knighted by the Greek Orthodox Church for his humanitarian results