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Dr. Alexander Hierl

jade.admin Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Alexander Hierl is a German with a big heart, literally, he is a Cardiologist and Internal Medicine specialist. He is a member of the German Society of Internal Medicine and Cardiology, while receiving well-earned recognition with the European Society of Cardiology.  Figuratively speaking, his focus is exactly as the name “doctor,” defines.   He is a teacher of medicine to other doctors. He has designed training and teaching materials for Orthomolecular treatments, he has pioneered and established treatment for Mitochondropathy, the central common link In all chronic disease.  His focus is getting to the core of the issue at the engine of the cell.

He has also one of the key proponents of Mitochondrial tumor typing and designs programs for cancer treatments that is leading a new direction in Integrative Oncology.  When your precious heart engine is skipping a beat, Dr Hearl is the man that gets  systems to idle in synergy.  He is a master technician and clinician that is taking medicine to the next step by designing custom supplementation that works at the Epigenetic  level of cellular function, his approach is a Quantum Medicine.