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Everyone wants to live it up, but few really get the chance, whether rich or poor. We all want to live long, happy, healthy vibrant lives free of dis-ease, stress and suffering.

Bangkok Clinic Thailand
We want to feel, as young as possible on the inside; while slowing the march of time that is apparent with each blemish, thinning hair, that falling neck line; and the all to common magnifying glasses to read.

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As time marches on we all live faster lives and feel we are experiencing the conditions our parents suffered. At the Good Life Center we will slow down the aging process and make you feel good again.

The “future is here, but it is not evenly distributed.”

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We have pioneered the genome, gone to the moon and can talk in multiple language in real time on our Skype connected phones, from the US to China.

Human discoveries are amazing, a Renaissance is blooming from self-driving cars, Virtual Reality IT glasses to to 3DTV.

Yet, for some reason when it comes to advances in the field of medicine the rose seems wilted. This is because of the every day news seems to be off the beat turning the daily grind into a soap opera.
  • Did you know paralyzed people are walking, again?

  • Did you know those with diabetes related blindness can have sight restored?

  • Did you know infertility may a thing of past?

  • Did you know women are going naturale’ are using their own body fat to augment their breasts, by up to two cup sizes (no implants)?

  • Did you know that your own blood may be used to help regrow your hair?

All of this is possible right now!


We are distracted by trivial pursuits and unaware that there has been a Rena-Science in the field of medicine. An evolution in integrative regenerative therapies has occurred and it is well documented and happening as we speak in Switzerland, Germany and South East Asia. Specifically Thailand, the number one destination on the planet for affordable top notched JCI level medical care equivalent to that found in US and European Hospitals.
Condé Nast Traveler

With honor, Thailand is the winner of “The most Favorite Country Award,” voted by the discerning readers of Conde Nast Traveler, 3 years in a row!  (Conde Nast Traveler, was launched more than 25 years ago, and is the undisputed leader for the sophisticated traveler)
These breakthrough’s in leading edge medicine are known to the elite, or those that have access to these advances through a network of well informed scientists and healers. It is not unusual for people with affluence and a degree of curiosity to have discovered these treatments and techniques before the main stream. Often the mainstream is 10 years behind those in positions of political, business and media power that are always concerned with finding new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

For a celebrity, businessman or dignitary to achieve greater influence they must attract energy, to be in the game. The energy of life is the key to success. More life energy, naturally comes partnered with a vibrant glow that out shines the rest. Celebrities are attractive, because they celebrate life, always wanting more of The Good Life.

They say the best revenge is ".”

Life is better for those that live well, regardless of the ups and downs (smiles and frowns). The ultimate goal of the good life is to live fully from moment-to- moment with the wonder and enthusiasm of a child, no matter our perceived age. Young inside, while enjoying the success of a happy long life on the outside. This is called this YOUNGEVITY, a term coined by Dr. Joel Wallach in:

Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission.
The Death of the Genetic
the genome project
The Genome Project
In 2006, the Genome project discovered that genes may be enhanced, without alteration, to prevent disease and insure longevity. Documented in the former medical textbook.
Imagine feeling younger from the inside out. It is our goal to deliver the one thing you should expect from a doctor, or any medical center in the world. To make you feel better... so you can have The Good Life!